Complete Body Recovery Protein – Chocolate - Single Serve

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U.S. Patent No. 9,980,997 formulation for athletic performance!

A delicious workout recovery drink, our Complete Body Recovery Protein brings the natural goodness of chocolate and 400 MG of cocoa flavanols to reward you with great taste and fast refueling after every workout.

In our search for the best sports drink, we’ve turned to the exciting studies showing the benefits of drinking fat-free chocolate milk after strenuous exercise. From the International Journal of Sports Nutrition to WebMD, studies show chocolate milk packs a nutritional bonus. From this inspiration, our own research took us even deeper, resulting in a new “patented” formulation.

We further designed our products to preserve the cocoa bean’s naturally occurring flavanols, coupled them with other high quality ingredients, and avoided any additives or preservatives.

The result? From supplying needed proteins and carbs to helping your body produce the muscle fuel glycogen, our recovery protein drink is truly extraordinary when it comes to both health benefits and taste.

Even better, the flavanols present in cocoa have been shown to support the healthy circulation of nutrients and oxygen to the body.** That’s what we wanted in our quest for the best recovery drink.

Whether your daily routine is vigorous or light, now you can boost your workout recovery with 400 MG of cocoa flavanols, vitamins A and D, iron, calcium, magnesium and more. It’s chocolatey goodness you can get behind when you put yourself on the line for better health and well-being.

Convenient single-serve pouch in three great flavors:

  • Cocoa Chocolate 
  • Cocoa Coconut
  • Cocoa Hazelnut

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Customer Reviews
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    Ellie R. (MMTC)
    Faster recovery and lunch time meals

    Since our club started using CocoaElite recovery protein I believe my recovery time after long runs and hard workouts has decreased. I really like the chocolate flavored powder added to a smoothie. My new go to meal

    Cocoa Elite

    We are please that you are enjoying our products. We aim to produce a healthy and beneficial product.

    Perfect Post Run !

    After a run I usually need something to eat to get my blood sugar up. Chocolate milk has been my favorite go to but after trying Cocoa Elite I have a new favorite. The taste was wonderfully smooth and I was satisfied after drinking it. The other plus is that I did not have that icky stomach feeling like I do after consuming most things after a run. I recommend this to everyone!

    Cocoa Elite

    We are so glad that you enjoyed the product. Run happy and enjoy "Healthy COCOA for your Body’s Delight®"

    Nice alternative

    I'm a big fan of chocolate milk after a hard run. Lately I've been sitting in my car drinking hot chocolate! I was given the opportiunity to sample both the complete body recovery protein and the vegan option. The first time I used the complete protein powder with water and it was okay, but not as filling as my unhealthy chocolate milk. So the second time I mixed it with milk and I enjoyed it much more! I wouldn't be able to give it to my kids & trick them into thinking it's chocolate milk, but compared to other protein powders I've tried I really liked it. I like that I still get that chocolate taste but without the additional chemicals of chocolate syrup! I didn't think I would like the vegan pack--but I'm a sucker for chocolate and peanut butter. I was pleasantly surprised! I'm a middle of the pack runner who likes to do speedwork for fun and runs for sanity. I'll definitely be adding this to my routine!

    Cocoa Elite

    Thanks for the review , we are please that you enjoyed the product. You may want to try mixing one scoop of each - yummy and healthy!!

    Chocolate Milk Anyone?

    The other night, my girlfriend asked for chocolate milk as a treat and I had neither milk, nor instant powder or syrup. . . CRISIS. Thinking swiftly, I busted open my stash of CocoaElite and mixed her a glass (without revealing the ruse). Her response? "This chocolate milk is awesome! What kind of mix did you use??!" BOOM. Be the best significant other or spouse you can be. Serve Cocoa Elite, Drink Cocoa Elite.

    Cocoa Elite

    Glad we were a solution in a pinch. Always good to keep one on hand for emergencies.

    great taste

    I cant believe that something that tastes this great has so many health benefits! With cocoa elite you are able to satisfy your chocolate cravings without feeling bad about what you are putting in your body.

    Cocoa Elite

    We agree! Taste was our first priority followed very closely by the health benefits of cocoa flavanols.